Awaken with Every Breath. 30 Days. 1 journey.

🌌 Embarking on the Journey🌌
Meditation can feel like exploring new horizons. However, with our community and resources, you won’t venture alone. Dive in as we provide insights and resources tailored by and for teens, ensuring your journey is both authentic and enlightening.

πŸ’‘ Honoring Your JourneyπŸ’‘
Every meditation experience is unique. As you traverse this path, we encourage you to embrace every moment, celebrating small victories and learning from challenges.
We have a few ways to count 30 days in our resources to help you along the way.

πŸ”„ Consistency is KeyπŸ”„
In the rhythm of teen life, weaving in consistent meditation can be a puzzle. But it's this very consistency that magnifies transformation. With our tips and strategies, meditation will effortlessly fit into your daily cadence, just like your favorite playlist or morning ritual.

πŸ“œ Y.O.U. Meditation Atlas πŸ“œ
Our Atlas acts as a beacon, celebrating those committed teens and sponsors who embark on this 30-day meditation journey with us.
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Dive into this transformative journey of calm, clarity, and profound self-awareness with IYOU Chapter X.Your inner sanctuary awaits.

🌌 resources 🌌

The Insight Timer App: This app is free. We have a group there. We like this app for the stars it gives as encouragement.Join our Insight Timer IYOU Chapter X Group: A way to connect with us as we begin this journey together.

The Calm App: We love this app and have used it a number of times. However, it is a paid app, and for some that means being creative about it's use.

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meditations and resources that we like

UWM Teen Ministry Manual from 2012, Prayer and Meditation Section Information about Prayer and Meditation, including how to lead, and different types of meditation.Rev. Sharon Poindexter - Her profile from Truth Unity: Her meditations are liked by one of our directors.
Kenny Werner Meditation: A musician who work a book about meditation and creates incredible meditation. This is one os his on YouTube.
Touching the Stillness with Rev. Paulette Pipe: This incredible meditation Unity podcast had a featured meditation each episode.
Rev. Eric Butterworth, International Youth of Unity President and Famous Alumni Unity Minister Gives a talk on Meditation - go to to section 117 about the Silence.
Same talk as above, but it is on YouTube

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You can sign up to be on our Discord server: Check out our main website at you can sign up for our discord server. We have an entire online community around our Sunday lessons. We have a wonderful group coming together around our videos. Join us today.

πŸ“œ Y.O.U. Meditation atlas πŸ“œ

At the heart of our collective consciousness, the Y.O.U. Meditation Atlas serves as a vibrant map, charting the meditation journeys of our dedicated YOUers and sponsors. In an era of discovery, this atlas is not just a mere collection; it’s an embodiment of commitment, inspiration, and unity.Derived from the term β€˜atlas’ β€” traditionally a book of maps or charts β€” our Meditation Atlas is a dynamic testament to the journeys undertaken by our teens and sponsors. Just as an atlas portrays the expanse of the world, the Y.O.U. Meditation Atlas showcases the expansive, diverse, and interconnected meditation paths within our community.When an individual feels they've reached a significant milestone or completion in their meditation journey, they are celebrated and honored on this platform. By being a part of the Y.O.U. Meditation Atlas, each member not only commits to self-growth but also to the collective energy and spirit of the International Youth of Unity.Venture with us, get charted on our atlas, and be part of a universe that meditates, evolves, and connects deeply. Join the Y.O.U. Meditation Atlas and embark on a journey like no other.

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